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South Carolina lawmakers fail in attempt to undo Obamacare

CHARLESTON, South Carolina ( ) – South Carolina lawmakers failed to derail implementation of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law in the state when a measure was defeated in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Last year, the state House passed a bill that nullified the law by calling for criminal penalties for anyone who sought to enforce it. Late Wednesday night, however, Senators voted 33-9 to defeat an amendment regarding the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

The amendment would have banned state agencies and employees from helping to carry out the health care law,上海夜生活桑拿会所Madden,. It would have required healthcare navigators who help people sign up for health insurance to be licensed by the state.

Republican supporters argued they wanted to prevent the federal government from “commandeering” state resources in order to make the law work.

The effort was being followed closely by Republican lawmakers in other states looking for ways to defeat the health insurance legislation, which was passed in 2010 and survived legal challenges all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In striking down the measure, South Carolina Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell, the Senate president and a Republican, cited procedural rules that required the Senate to follow the original House bill’s aim without adding new issues.

Democratic Senator Bradley Hutto said efforts to nullify the law would invite a federal lawsuit against the state.

“Nullification is a concept that is legally dead. It’s fraught with issues,” Hutto 爱上海419said.

“We’ve been down that road before,” Democratic Senator John Matthews Jr. said, referring to South Carolina’s nullification of federal laws in the years before the U.S. Civil War, whose first shots were fired in the state.

“It didn’t work then and it’s not going to work now,” he said.

About six states have barred their employees from helping implement Obamacare, according to Richard Cauchi, the healthcare program director for the nonparti,上海夜生活Tasha,san National Conference of State Legislatures. At least eight states, including two that support the healthcare reforms, have regulated navigators, he said.

(Corrects to state House passed a bill, not an amendment, paragraph 2)

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Iran test-fired anti-ship missile during drills last week: U.S. source

WASHINGTON ( ) – Iran test-fired a short-range anti-ship missile in the Strait of Hormuz during naval drills last week that Washington believes were aimed at sending a message as the United States reimposes sanctions on Tehran, a U.S. official said on Friday.

The official, however, did not suggest that such a missile test was unusual during naval exercises or that it was carried out unsafely, noting it occurred in what could be described as Iranian territorial waters in the Strait.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards confirmed on Sunday it had held war games in the Gulf over the past several days, saying they were aimed at “confronting possible threats” by enemies.

U.S. Army General Joseph Votel, head of the U.S. military’s Central Command, said earlier this week the scope and scale of the exercises were similar to 上海419论坛ones Iran had carried out in the past. But the timing of this particu,上海夜生活桑拿会所Danielle,lar set of exercises was designed to get Washington’s attention.

“It’s pretty clear to us that they were trying to use that exercise to send a message to us that as we approach this period of the sanctions here, that they had some capabilities,” Votel told reporters at the Pentagon.

Iran has been furious over U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of an international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program and re-impose sanctions on Tehran. Senior Iranian officials have warned the country would not easily yield to a renewed U.S. campaign to strangle Iran’s vital oil exports.

Last month, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei backed President Hassan Rouhani’s suggestion that Iran may block Gulf oil exports if its own exports are stopped.

Votel said the U.S. military was keenly aware of Iran’s military activities.

“We are aware of what’s going on, and we remain ready to protect ourselves as we pursue ,上海夜网Ellen,our objectives of freedom of navigation and the freedom of commerce in international waters,” Votel said.

U.S. says disappointed at no apology from Israeli defense chief

WASHINGTON ( ) – The United States on Friday said it was disappointed at the l爱上海419ack of an apology from Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon for his criticism of U.S. policies in a speech on Monday.

“We are disappointed with the lack of an apology from Defense Minister Yaalon’s comments,” S,上海夜生活论坛Rain,tate Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told a daily briefing. “His comments don’t reflect the true nature of our relationship with Israel,” she added.

In a lecture at Tel Aviv University, Yaalon said Israel could not rely on its main ally to take the lead in confronting Iran over its nuclear program. He also pointed at the Ukraine crisis as an example of Washington “showing weakness.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry later called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to protest Yaalon’s comments, which come at a time that the United States is trying to broker a peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians.

While Yaalon has issued a statement voicing regret at any offence he may have caused, he has not apologized nor retracted his accusations.

It is the second time that Yaalon’s comments have irked Washington. In January he described Kerry’s quest for Middle East peace as messianic and obsessive.

Asked whether the United States had sought an apology from Yaalon, Psaki said both Kerry and U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel had “clearly expressed their displeasure with the comments and an apology would be a natural next step in response to that.”

She said there were concerns with the “pattern” of publicly criticizing U.S. policies. Still, Psaki said the spat would not undermine efforts to forge a ,上海夜生活Harn,peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians.

Zimbabwe’s Chamisa challenges election result; inauguration halted

HARARE ( ) – Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa, filed a court challenge on Friday against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s election victory, halting Mnangagwa’s planned Sunday inauguration.

The first election since Robert Mugabe was forced to resign after a coup in November had been expected to end Zimbabwe’s pariah status and launch an economic recovery but post-election unrest has reminded the country of its violent past.

Chamisa’s lawyer Thabani Mpofu said he had asked the Constitutional Court to nullify the July 30 vote and that his court application meant Mnangagwa’s swearing-in had been halted.

Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi told Sunday’s inauguration “will no longer happen” until the case is finalised.

“On the basis of the evidence we have placed before the court, we seek in the main relief to the effect that the court should declare the proper winner and the proper winner is my client,” Mpofu told reporters outside.

“In the alternative, we seek that there be another election which complies with the dictates of the law,” Mpofu said. “There is no inauguration that will take place until the matter is determined by the court.”

The constitution requires a losing presidential candidate to file any challenge within seven days of a winner being declared.

The Constitutional Court, which can declare a new winner or order a fresh election, must rule within 14 days of an election petition.

Mnangagwa’s ruling ZANU-PF party dismissed the legal action.

“I am confident they have no case. Elections are not won in court, they are won in the field. But if they want to meet us in court we have sufficient legal minds to meet them squarely in court,” ZANU-PF legal secretary Paul Mangwana said.


Mnangagwa secured a comfortable victory in last month’s vote, according to results from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, polling 2.46 million votes against 2.15 million for th,上海夜生活Naia,e 40-year-old Chamisa. The opposition said the resul,上海夜生活论坛Janelle,t was rigged.

The election passed off relatively smoothly but its aftermath revealed the deep rifts in Zimbabwean society.

Two days after the vote, six people were killed in an army crackdown on protests against the victory by Mnangagwa’s ruling ZANU-PF par上海419论坛ty.

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission said it was concerned that no one was taking responsibility for the deployment of soldiers that the opposition says were harassing its supporters and ordinary citizens in townships at night.

“This poses an even bigger danger to communities as it appears that the soldiers beating up civilians are not accountable to anyone,” the commission said.

Britain’s Minister for Africa Harriett Baldwin said in a statement she had spoken to Chamisa and Zimbabwe’s Foreign Minister Sibusiso Moyo to urge calm while the election challenge was being considered by the court.

Earlier on Friday, opposition leader and former finance minister Tendai Biti appeared in court to challenge his arrest on Thursday on charges of public violence and illegally announcing election results. The case was postponed to next Wednesday.

Colombia to ask U.N. for special envoy to manage Venezuelan migrant…

BOGO,上海夜生活桑拿会所Ines,TA ( ) – Colombia will ask the United Nations to designate a special envoy to coordinate humanitarian aid for the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan migrants flooding into countries around the region, the foreign minister said on Friday.

More than a million people have arrived in Colombia from Venezuela over the last year and a half, fleeing a severe economic and political crisis in the socialist country that has caused food and medicine shortages.

“We are going to insist on the strengthening of an emergency humanitarian fund and we are going to propose the creation of a special envoy under the United Nations who can coordinate the multilateral actions that are required because of the humanitarian crisis we are living,” foreign minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo, who took office on Tuesday, told journalists.

Colombia has spent millions on aid for Venezuelan migrants, including food, shelter and medical care. Many arrive with only what they can carry and are often underfed.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Wednesday announced an add,上海夜生活论坛Carol,itional $9 million in aid to Colombia to help with the crisis, during a visit to the border city of Cucuta.

Trujillo said he had not yet received a formal extradition request from Venezuela for six people it has accused of involvement in the explosion of drones at a military event last week and who are believed to be in Colombia. Venezuela’s government has said the incident was a failed assassination attempt.

“I don’t like to talk about hypotheses – we’ll see. … I’ve been told the request for extradition has not formally arrived, if it’s going to arrive,” the minister said. “If it arrives, we will review it.”

Trujillo reiterated that Colombia would withdraw from the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), created a decade ago in an attempt to counterbalance U.S. influence in Latin America, in tandem with several other nations. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru have already indefinitely suspended their participation in the body.

“We’re consulting with other countries which apparently want to take the same route. If we consolidate a similar decision from these consultations, we’ll act in conjun上海龙凤419ction. If not, we’ll withdraw anyway.”

Kenya arrests two top officials for suspected corruption over new…

NAIROBI ( ) – Kenyan authorities have arrested the head of the agency that manages public land and the boss of the state railway on suspicion of corruption over land allocation for the new $3-billion flagship Nairobi-Mombasa railway.

The line connecting the capital with East Africa’s main port was funded by China and is one of the biggest infrastructure projects of President Uhuru Kenyatta, whose government this year embarked on an anti-corruption drive.

Mohammed Abdalla Swazuri, the chairman of National Land Commission, was one of 18 officials, businesspeople and companies named in a statement listing arrests that was posted on Saturday on the prosecutor’s office’s Twitter feed.

Also arrested was Atanas Kariuki Maina, managing director of the Kenya Railways Corporation.

Opposition leaders and Kenyan economists have criticized the railway’s funding for increasing the country’s debt burden, which the IMF estimated at between 54-55 percent of economic output (GDP) in the 2017-18 fiscal year.

The investigation that led to the arrests centers on allegations that officials siphoned taxpayer money through phoney compensation claims for l上海419论坛and used for the railway, said a statement from the anti-corruption agency.

It did not spell out who made the allegations.

Analysts and businesspeople say Kenya, East Africa’s richest economy per capita, loses a sig,上海夜网Rafaella,nificant percentage of its annual GDP to corruption and it is hard to do business ,上海夜生活桑拿会所Idris,without paying bribes.

Public prosecutor Noordin Mohamed Haji ordered the arrests and said in the statement he was preparing to charge the officials.

was not immediately able to contact representatives of Swazuri and Maina for comment.

Kenya last year inaugurated the more than $3 billion railway. No Chinese companies or individuals were named in the prosecutor’s statement.

Kenya has been hit this year by a spate of scandals related to the alleged theft of hundreds of millions of Kenyan shillings (millions of dollars) by officials from government bodies.

Haji, appointed by Kenyatta earlier this year, is bringing charges against dozens of state officials and businesspeople in a number of court cases that have not yet begun.

Obama pledges to address gender pay gap

ORLANDO, Florida ( ) – President Barack Obama used a speech at a community college on Thursday to begin a series of events highlighting economic issues affecting women such as the gender pay gap in which women earn three-quarters as much as their male counterparts.

He spoke at the Orlando campus of Valencia College, a two-year institution that has been recognized for placing students in jobs and sending them on for higher degrees. Many of the students at Valencia are older and are returning to school fort training that will lead to higher-paying work.

Women are “facing unfair choices or outdated workplace policies that hold all of us back, and that has to change,” the president said.

The White House plans similar events in Denver, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. The administration says the meetings will lead to a short list of actions the president can take by executive order, push Congress to act on, or launch with business collaboration. The measures would all be aimed at making it easier for women to find good jobs and be paid at levels that match those of their male counterparts.

“The president has a range of tools and he wants to figure out which are the right ones,” White House adviser Valerie Jarrett told reporters.

The White House Council of Economic Advisers released a report last week saying that although more women are earning higher educational degrees and filling a wider range of jobs than in the past, they continue to earn less than men. Full-time female workers make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men, the CEA said.

As part of efforts to spur gender pay equity, the Small Business Administration will hold a conference to identify ways to get more women trained and start careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, professions with higher salaries.

“To improve earnings, we need to get women in higher paying occupations,” said Betsey Stevenson, a member of the CEA.

Obama urged Congress to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour from $7.25,上海夜生活桑拿会所Pauline,, a proposal that faces strong opposition from many Republicans. The White House says the i,上海夜网[随机上海龙凤419符],ncrease is particularly important for women, who constitute a large share of the minimum wage workforce.

Women have been steady supporters of the president and of Democrats, and Obama wants to rally support among voters to prevent the Republicans from winning control of the Senate in November elections.

At a fundraiser later at the Miami home of former basketball all-star Alonzo Mourning, Obama warned Democrats that failure to turn out and vote in November congressional elections could get them “clobbered.”

“The problem is not that the American people don’t agree with us,” he said. “Politics have gotten so toxic.”

Anti-government protest in Romania turns violent

BUCHAREST ( ) – Tens of thousands of protesters rallied against the ruling Social Democrat (PSD) government on Friday in cities across Romania and the capital Bucharest where riot police fired tear gas into the crowd and hundreds needed medical attention.

The protests were organized and promoted by groups of Romanians working abroad, angry at what they say is entrenched corruption, low wages and attempts by the PSD to weaken the judiciary in one of the European Union’s most corrupt states.

In Bucharest, some protesters attempted to force their way through security lines guarding the government building. Others threw bottles and rocks at riot police, who said groups of “provocateurs” were present in the square.

As the protest continued well into the night, riot police used a water canon and increasingly sprayed tear gas into the crowd. Video footage posted on social media show police beating non-violent protesters holding their hands up.

More than 400 people required medical assistance, the emergency intervention agency ISU said, including two riot police who got separated from their unit. Tens of thousands staged peaceful pr,上海夜网Barney,otests in other Romanian cities.

Centrist Romanian President Klaus Iohannis condemned the police’s disproportionate use of force.

“I firmly condemn riot police’s brutal intervention, strongly disproportionate to the actions of the majority of people in the square,” he said on his Facebook page.

“The interior ministry must explain urgently the way it handled tonight’s events.”


Among the crowds in Bucharest were truck driver Daniel Ostafi, 42, who moved to Italy 15 years ago in search of a future he says Romania could not offer his family, and Mihai Podut, 27, a construction worker who left in 2014, first for France and later Germany.

They joined tens of thousands outside government headquarters in scorching temperatures, waving Romanian and European Union flags and demanding the cabinet’s resignation. Messages projected on buildings around the square said “We are the people” and “No violence”.

An estimated 3 to 5 million Romanians are working and living abroad, the World Bank has said, up to a quarter of the European Union state’s population, ranging from day laborers to doctors. They sent home just under $5 billion last year, a lifeline for rural communities in one of the EU’s least developed co爱上海419untries.

“I left to give my children a better life, which was not possible here then,” said Ostafi.

“Unfortunately, it is still not possible, the … people who govern us are not qualified and they are corrupt,” he said, adding he hoped the next parliamentary election would see a bigger turnout.

Peaceful protests have repeatedly been held since the Social Democrats took power i,上海夜生活论坛Radcliff,n early 2017 and tried to decriminalize several corruption offences.

Earlier this year, they pushed changes to the criminal code through parliament that have raised concerns from the European Commission and the U.S. State Department. The changes are pending Constitutional Court challenges.

Romania ranks as one of the EU’s most corrupt states and Brussels keeps its justice system under special monitoring.

Some politicians from the ruling coalition derided the rally in the run up, saying they did not understand why the diaspora would protest.

“Almost all of the public sector is malfunctioning, it must be changed completely and replaced with capable people,” said Podut. “I would ask our ruling politicians to switch places with us, work the way we do and see what that is like.”

Cuba charges leading dissident with attempted murder

HAVANA ( ) – The leader of one of Cuba’s largest and most active opposition organizations was charged Friday with attempted murder after being held incommunicado for a week in eastern Cuba.

Jose Daniel Ferrer, leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), was charged with deliberately trying to run over an official from the ministry of the interior on Aug. 3, a spokesman for the group told by telephone.

According to Carlos Amel Oliva, a member of the UNPACU leadership, the incident was an accident and the official was only slightly injure,上海夜生活桑拿会所Elaine,d.

Oliva said Ferrer, who does not have a driver’s license, was on his way to visit his,上海夜网Damian, daughter with UNPACU member Ebert Hidalgo Cruz and had taken the wheel to practice driving when the official, in civilian clothing, stepped out in front of the car.

“He stepped out onto the road and he (Ferrer) braked and swerved and lightly hit the person who got up and mounted his motorcycle,” Oliva said.

Ferrer is being held in preventive detention.

“The accusation is completely false. There are witnesses who say it was the official who stepped onto the road,” Oliva said.

Hidalgo is also in custody, but has not yet been charged.

The Cuban government was not immediately available for comment.

Amnesty International demanded earlier on Friday, before the charges were made public, that the Cuban government clarify Ferrer’s status and allow him to see his family and obtain a lawyer.

The U.S. government demanded on Wednesday that the two men be released.

Cuba’s Communist-run government considers all opponents to be agents of the United States and regularly detains them for a few hours to a few days.

UNPACU has been battling the government for years and a few of its members have been imprisoned for longer periods.

Ferrer was imprisoned in 2003, along 爱上海419with 74 other dissidents in a nationwide crackdown. He was released on parole in 2011 and soon after formed UNPACU.

U.N. envoy says Yemen talks to focus on transition, disarmament:…

DUBAI ( ) – Talks between Yemen’s warring parties next month will focus on a transitional governance deal and disarmament, the U.N. special envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, said in remarks published on Saturday.

Griffiths is trying to negotiate an end to the three-year conflict that has killed more than 10,000 people and pushed Yemen to the verge of starvation.

Air strikes by a Saudi-led coalition killed dozens of children traveling on a bus in the northern province of Saada on Thursday. U.N. chief Antonia Guterres has called for an independent investigation of the raid.

Consultations are due to begin in Geneva on Sept. 6 on a framework for peace talks and confidence-building measures.,上海夜生活桑拿会所Malcolm,

“Primarily, we are trying to reach an agreement between the Yemeni government and (the Houthis’) Ansarullah on the issues essential to ending the war and on a national unity government in which everyone participates,” Griffiths told the Arabic-language Saudi-owned Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper.

“This will require a signed agreement that includes setting up a transitional political operation under a national u,上海夜网Carina,nity government … and putting in place security arrangements for the withdrawal of all armed groups in Yemen and disarming them.”

He said the consultations would lead to direct negotiations.

The coalition of Sunni Muslim Arab states backed by Western powers including the United States and Britain intervened in Yemen’s civil war in 2015 against the Iranian-aligned Houthi movement to restore the internationally recognized government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Griffiths efforts have succeeded so far in averting a full assault by the military alliance on the Houthi-held main port city of Hodeidah in western Yemen, but battles and attacks have continued in the impoverished Arab state where the Houthis control the most populated areas and the capital Sanaa.

Previous U.N.-sponsored peace talks have failed to end the conflict, widely seen as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and regional foe Shi’ite Muslim Iran.

The last r爱上海419ound of talks in 2016 ended with Hadi’s government walking out after the Houthis rejected a U.N. proposal calling on the group to quit three main cities, including Sanaa, ahead of talks to form a government.

Griffiths said discussions on a new government should also include representatives from the General People’s Congress, once headed by slain former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, and the southern separatist movement, a powerful force that has provided many of the coalition-backed fighters against the Houthis.

“The future of the South will not be discussed in these consultations, but will be part of the Yemeni dialogue in the transitional period,” Griffiths said, adding that the United Nations supported a united Yemen.