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Turkey ready to create more safe zones in Syria

ISTANBUL ( ) – Turkey said on Sunday it had finalised prep,上海夜网Carol,arations to create more safe areas in Syria, which would allow the return of refugees who have fled the civil war.

Speaking at his AK Party’s provincial headquarters in the Black Sea city of Trabzon, President Tayyip Erdogan said a quarter of a million people had already returned to libe,上海夜生活Jasmine,rated areas in Syria.

“God willing soon we will have liberated more places and made more areas safe,” he said.

Turkey is host to 2.7 million refugees fr爱上海om Syria.

Turkey is carrying out an offensive in northern Syria’s Afrin region against the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, which Ankara considers a terrorist organization linked to Kurdish militants waging an insurgency on Turkish soil.

The Afrin campaign is Turkey’s second cross-border operation during Syria’s seven-year-old civil war. The first, dubbed “Euphrates Shield”, targeted Islamic State and Kurdish fighters further east than Afrin, and was completed in early 2017.

Erdogan said diplomatic and military efforts in Syria’s Idlib province, where Turkey has set up a dozen military observation posts, had been accelerated to avoid a “catastrophe” like those seen in other parts of Syria.

Syria’s government and allied forces backed by Russia and Iran have swiftly recaptured other rebel strongholds in the southwest and vowed to push on and recover all of the country.

Idlib is the largest remaining Syrian rebel-held enclave and there are fears of further bloodshed in the event of a government-backed offensive.

Erdogan also said Turkey was taking steps to save Iraq’s Qandil area from being a “nest of terror” and that if needed northern Iraq’s Sinjar region could be included in this process.

Turkey’s army has ramped up operations in northern Iraq, with the aim of destroying Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) bases in the Qandil mountains, where high-ranking members of the militant group are thought to be located.

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Court jails Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader for life: sources

CAIRO ( ) – The head of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and other leaders of the banned group were sentenced to life in prison on Sunday, judicial sources said, on charges of incitement to murder and violence during protests five years ago.

The sentence is the latest among several trials and re-trials against Mohamed Badie and other senior leaders of the party that ruled Egypt before the military ousted Islamist President Mohamed Mursi following mass protests.

The sources told that Giza Criminal Court sentenced several top leaders including Badie, group spokesman Essam al-Erian, and senior member Mohamed El-Beltagy to life terms.

State news ,上海夜生活桑拿会所Fabiana,agency MENA said another defendant was jailed for 15 years and three others for 10 years.

Badie and the other defendants were convicted of incitement to violence on July 15, 2013, including the killing of five demonstrators and wounding of 100 during protests in an area in Giza known as al-Bahr al-Azim.

The court had previously sentenced 15 people to life imprisonment in the al-Bahr al-Azim case in September 2014 but an appeals hearing had subsequently struck down the ruling and ordered a retrial.

Since President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi came to power in 2014, authorities have justified a crackdown on dissent and freedoms as being directed at terrorists and saboteurs trying to undermine the state.

Last month, a court referred the files of Badie and other Brotherhood leaders in a separate case to Egypt’s most senior Muslim religious authority, the Mufti, for his opinion on whether they should be sentenced to death.

This case related to a 2013 sit-in that ended in the deaths of hundreds of Brotherhood supporters and dozens of police when security forces broke it up violently.

Egyptian law requires any capital sentence to be referred to Grand Mufti Shawqi Allam for an opinion before executions can take place. His,上海夜生活Terry, opinion has yet to be announced.

Death sentences have been handed down to hundreds of his political opponents on charges such as belonging to 爱上海419an illegal organization or planning to carry out an attack. Mursi, who was ousted in 2013 after a year in office, is serving a life-sentence in jail.

Connecticut Governor expected to sign minimum wage hike

MILFORD, Connecticut ( ) – Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy plans to sign into law on Thursday a measure that will phase in the highest minimum wage of any U.S. state, in line with a national Democratic push to raise the entry-level wage.

The measure, which was approved by legislators a day earlier, would raise the state’s minimum hourly rate to $10.10 per hour, a figure that matches what U.S. President Barack Obama has asked Congress to consider imposing nationally.

Malloy will sign the bill Thursda上海419论坛y at 6 p.m. in the same New Britain diner, Café Beauregard in the heart of what is known as the “hardware city,” where he appeared earlier this month with Obama and three other New England governors: Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, Peter Shumlin of Vermont and Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island. All are Democrats who have pushed to raise the minimum wage in their states.

New Britain, located in the center of the state, has been hard hit by the economic downtown with the household median income at about $35,上海夜网Nicolette,,000, compared with the state’s nearly $66,000

“This modest increase will give working families a boost, and it will contribute to our economy by getting just a little more money into the pockets of people who spend it in their communities,” Malloy said following the bill’s legislative approval late Wednesday.

Advocates of raising the minimum wage argue that doing so will improve the standard of living of working families and help to close the gap between the average earnings of men and women. Opponents warn that it could slow job creation or even lead companies to lay workers off at a time when the U.S. economy is struggling with high unemployment.

Obama’s call for a higher national minimum has not gotten backing in the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives.

Connecticut’s minimum wage currently stands at $8.70 per hour, and the bill will be phased in to $10.10 over three years. The current high,上海夜生活Pauline,est state minimum wage in the United States is Washington’s $9.32, above the $7.25 federal minimum.

Malloy is up for re-election this year and state Republicans have called the measure a politically influenced move.

Egypt arrests seven alleged militants tied to failed church bombing

CAIRO ( ) – Egyptian security forces have arrested seven alleged militants suspected of involvement in a foiled church bombing outside Cairo on Saturday, the interior ministry said on Sunday.

A militant wearing a suicide vest blew himself up 250 meters from a Coptic Christian church in Qalyubiyah, a governorate north of Cairo, killing himself but no one else according t,上海夜网Rafael,o eyewitnesses and state media.

The attack was the latest directed at Egypt’s large Christian minority, who make up around 10 percent of the country’s 96 million people.

Islamist militants carried out two deadly bombings on Palm Sunday in April 2017 and a blast at Cairo’s largest Coptic cathedral in December 2016 that killed 28 people, while a church shooting last December killed eleven.

State news agency MENA said ,上海夜生活Darla,Saturday’s bomb attack was thwarted by a strong security presence around the church that prevented the assailant from getting too close.

An interior ministry statement identified the attacker as 29-year-old Omar Mohamed Ahmed Mostafa from Cairo but did not link him to a particular militant group.

No group has claimed responsibility.

The statement said the seven arrested were plotting a “series of hostilities” and that among them were two women, including one living in the upscale Cairo neighborhood of Zamalek who “played a prominent role … in promoting extremist ideas and providing financial support”.

Egypt has fought an insurgency led by Islamic State in the Sinai Peninsul爱上海419a that has killed hundreds of soldiers and policemen in recent years, but attacks in the country’s mainland are less common.

Syrian rebels build an army with Turkish help, face challenges

AZAZ, Syria ( ) – A “National Army” being set up by Syrian rebels with Turkey’s help could become a long-term obstacle to President Bashar al-Assad’s recovery of the northwest – if they can end factional rivalries that have long blighted the opposition.

The effort is at the heart of plans by the Turkish-backed opposition to secure and govern a strip of territory that forms part of the last big rebel stronghold in Syria.

The presence of Turkish forces on the ground has helped to shield it from government attack.

Assad, backed by Russia and Iran, has vowed to recover “every inch” of Syria, and though he has now won back most of the country, the Turkish presence will complicate any government offensive in the northwest.

Turkey’s role has gone beyond supporting allied Syrian forces to rebuilding schools and hospitals. At least five branches of the Turkish post office have opened in the area.

Colonel Haitham Afisi, head of the National Army, says setting up the force has been no easy task over the last year.

“We are at the beginning. We face many difficulties but we are working to overcome them,” Afisi told in an interview in the town of Azaz near the Turkish border.

Recently, he had to issue an order instructing fighters to stop “randomly opening fire”, wear uniforms and cooperate with a newly established military police that represents “the force of law and justice and not a rival to any other f,上海夜生活论坛Samara,action”.

Factions have also been banned from operating their own jails and courts and from carrying out extra-judicial arrests.

The project has also faced attack: a number of recruits were wounded on Aug. 5 when their graduation ceremony in the city of al-Bab was shelled. Afisi said it was the work of an “enemy of the revolution, be they internal or external”. The perpetrator had been identified, but he declined to say it who was.


The National Army compromises some 35,000 fighters from some of the biggest factions in the war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and forced some 11 million people from their homes over the last seven years.

Many previous efforts to un上海龙凤419ite the rebels have failed, obstructed by local rivalries and at times by the competing agendas of foreign states that once backed many of the rebels in the Syrian war.

The National Army could be different because of Turkey’s presence on the ground.

The Turkish military pushed into the northwest in two campaigns. The first, “Euphrates Shield”, which got underway in 2016, drove Islamic State from territory between Azaz and Jarablus. The second, “Olive Branch”, captured the adjoining Afrin region from the Kurdish YPG militia earlier this year.

The area is important to Turkey because of what it views as the national security threat posed by the YPG, which it sees as an extension of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which has waged a three-decade insurgency in Turkey.

Assad says Turkey is illegally occupying Syrian land.

“All the support for the National Army is from Turkey, there are no other states partnering in this matter,” Afisi said.

The Turkish foreign ministry did not respond to questions from .

Turkish support includes fighters’ wages, logistical support “and weapons if necessary”. He listed three enemies: Assad, the PKK and Islamic State.

Turkey has also set up 12 military posts in Idlib province and adjoining areas which are located southwest of Afrin, under an agreement with Russia and Iran. The stated aim is to observe a “de-escalation” agreement in the Idlib area.

Assad has indicated Idlib could be his next target.

Afisi said the National Army could be quickly me,上海夜生活Fergie,rged with Turkish-backed rebels in Idlib if necessary.

The situation in Idlib is complicated by the presence of well-armed jihadists that have fought with the other groups.

“We are ready and extend our hand to all groups that represent the goals of the revolution,” he said.

Ethiopian rebels declare ceasefire amid government reforms

ADDIS ABABA ( ) – An Ethiopian rebel group declared a unilateral ceasefire on Sunday, the latest dissident movement to aim for an end to hostilities in the wake of reforms.

The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) launched its bid for secession of the Somali Region, also known as Ogaden, in eastern Ethiopia in 1984. In 2007, Ethiopian forces waged a large-scale offensive against them after the group attacked a Chinese-run oil facility, kill,上海夜网Darla,ing 74 people.

But the ONLF was among two other groups that were removed by parliament from a list of banned movements – part of a reform drive being led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who has extended an olive branch to dissidents.

In a statement, the ONLF said it had “taken into account the positive steps taken by the Ethiopian government to lay the groundwork for talks and peaceful negotiations”.

The group “will cease all military and security operations to find a available and lasting solution to the Ogaden conflict”, it added.

The region the ONLF operates in contains four trillion cubic feet of gas and oil deposits, the government says. China’s GCL-Poly Petroleum Investments has been developing two gas fields since 2013.

Abiy, who took office in April, is presiding over a bold push to shake the African nation of 100 million people from de,上海夜生活Damon,cades of security-obsessed rule.

He has also acknowledged and condemned widespread abuses by security forces, likening it to state terrorism,爱上海419 as well as forging peace with Eritrea, with which Addis Ababa has been locked in a lengthy military standoff that followed a 1998-2000 border war in which 80,000 people are thought to have died.

Four security personnel, at least three militants, killed in Jordan…

AMMAN ( ) – Security forces pulled the bodies of three suspected militants from the wreckage of a building in a central Jordanian city on Sunday following a shoot-out in which four security personnel were also killed, the government said.

In a huge security operation, Jordanian forces laid siege to the building in a residential part of Salt on Saturday night in search of those responsible for a bomb attack on a police van on Friday.

The police vehicle had been maintaining security near a music festival in the majority Christian town of Fuhais, near the capital Amman and 15 kilometres (about 10 miles) from Salt.

Four security personnel were killed during the operation after the suspected militants sought sanctuary in the multi-storey building in Salt, a hillside city, the爱上海 government said.

The side of the building partially collapsed, possibly because of a blast from a suicide bomber inside, a security source said.

The shoot-out also left at least 20 people injured, including women and children living in the area. They had been taken overnight to a hospital in the capital, a medical source said.

Security forces had seized automatic weapons during a search of what was left of the building, government spokeswoman Jumana Ghunaimat told .

They later demolished the building and the security operation had now ended, Ghunaimat said on Sunday.

No group has claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack on the van in Fuhais in which one policeman was killed and six others were injured.

Militants from Islamic State and other radical jihadist groups have long targeted the U.S.-allied Jordan and dozens of militants are currently serving long prison terms.

King Abdullah, a Middle East ally of Western powers against Islamist militancy who has also safeguarded Jordan’s peace treaty with Israel, has been among the most vocal leaders in the region in warning of threats posed by radical groups.

Chairing a meeting of the country’s national security council on Sunday, the monarch warned the perpetrators would pay dearly.

“We will fight the Kh,上海夜生活桑拿会所Parkes,awarij and strike at them without mercy and with all strength and determination,” the monarch, a career soldier, was quoted as saying in a palace statement.

The monarch used the term used for ra,上海夜生活论坛Jagger,dical groups such as Islamic State who declare Muslims they disagree with as apostates.

The government announced three days of mourning as thousands of people attended funerals of the security personnel who were laid to rest with full military honors.

Officials have not formally disclosed the identity of the militants but security officials say some evidence points to Islamic State-affiliated sleeper cells inside the kingdom.

Several incidents over the past few years have jolted Jordan, which has been comparatively unscathed by the uprisings, civil wars and Islamist militancy that have swept the Middle East since 2011.

It was not clear how many militants fled into the building which is in a busy residential quarter of Salt. But five had now been rounded up in addition to three earlier, security sources said.

Part of the building was blown up by the militants, according to Ghunaimat and a security source said it was believed a suicide bomber had blown himself up causing its partial collapse.

Jordan’s Prime Minister Omar Razzaz had set up a “crisis cell” bringing in top security and government officials to coordinate the large security operation deploying hundreds of forces.

The security forces were investigating if the militants were part of a wider sleeper cell network of Islamist radicals that had planned a series of attacks, an official source said.

Jordan said in January that it had foiled an Islamic State plot that included plans for a series of attacks last November on security installations, shopping malls and moderate religious figures. It arrested the suspects.

Security forces have been extra vigilant with warnings that sympathizers of Islamic State could launch revenge attacks after the militants were driven out of most of the territory they once controlled in Syria and Iraq.

Intelligence officials and some experts believe widening social disparities and a perception of widespread official corruption is fuelling a rise in radicalization among disaffected youths in a country with high unemployment and growing poverty.

Senate advances bill to renew expired jobless benefits

WASHINGTON ( ) – A White House-backed bill to renew expired jobless benefits for 2.2 million Americans cleared a Republican procedural hurdle on Thursday in the Democratic-led Senate.

On a 65-34 vote, the bipartisan measure advanced toward anticipated Senate passage, yet it will likely die when it reaches the Republican-led House of Representatives.

House Speaker John Boehner, the top Republican in Congress, has called the measure “unworkable,” citing concerns by state administrators.

Boehner and other Republicans have also opposed the measure because it does not meet their demands that it include provisions to create jobs.

Democratic and Republican proponents reject the criticism and note that in the past such relief has been routinely extended with s,上海夜生活论坛Hana,trong bipartisan support.

T爱上海hey also argue that renewing the benefits would help 2.2 million Americans as well as the U.S. economy by pumping more money into it. Relief to the unemployed averages $300 a week.

The measure would restore unemployment insurance for five months, retroactive to December 28, when it began to expire for those who have been out of work for at least six months.

Backers say during this extension, which would end in late May, Congress could explore ways to bolster the emergency unemployment program and consider new job creation measures.

The $10 billion cost of the measure would be covered by a number ,上海夜网Ora,of proposed savings in the federal budget, and include a ban against anyone receiving jobless benefits if their income the previous year topped $1 million.

China has prevented ‘great tragedy’ in Xinjiang, state-run paper says

BEIJING ( ) – Massively stepped-up security in China’s restive far western region of Xinjiang has helped prevent “great tragedy”, a state-run newspaper said on Monday, in the country’s first response to a critical United Nations report on the situation there.

A U.N. human rights panel said on Friday that it had received many credible reports that 1 million ethnic Uighurs in China are held in what resembles a “massi,上海夜网Edith,ve internment camp that is shrouded in secrecy”.

China has said that Xinjiang faces a serious threat from Islamist militants and separatists who plot attacks and stir up tensions between the mostly Muslim Uighur minority who call the region home and the ethnic Han Chinese majority.

Hundreds have上海419论坛 died in unrest there in recent years.

In joint editorials in its Chinese and English versions, the widely-read Global Times tabloid said criticism of the rights record in Xinjiang was aimed at stirring trouble there and destroying hard-earned stability.

China’s security presence there has prevented Xinjiang from becoming another Syria or Li,上海夜生活桑拿会所Abraham,bya, it added.

“There is no doubt that the current peace and stability in Xinjiang is partly due to the high intensity of regulations. Police and security posts can be seen everywhere in Xinjiang,” the paper wrote.

“But it’s a phase that Xinjiang has to go through in rebuilding peace and prosperity and it will transition to normal governance.”

Maintaining peace and stability there is in the basic interest of people in Xinjiang and all of China, it added.

“The turnaround in Xinjiang’s security situation has avoided a great tragedy and saved countless lives, thanks to powerful Chinese law and the strong ruling power of the Communist Party of China,” the paper wrote.

“What the West has been hyping has destroyed numerous countries and regions. When the same evil influence was spreading in Xinjiang, it was decisively curbed.”

Xinjiang has “no room for destructive Western public opinions”, and all steps must be taken to ensure its stability, it said.

“Peace and stability must come above all else. With this as the goal, all measures can be tried. We must hold onto our belief that keeping turmoil away from Xinjiang is the greatest human right.”

China’s Foreign Ministry has not yet responded to a request for comment on the United Nations report.

Hippo kills Taiwan tourist visiting Kenyan lake

NAIROBI ( ) – A hippopotamus attacked and killed a tourist from Taiwan who was taking photographs on the shore of Lake Naivasha.

The man was pronounced dead on arrival at the Naivasha District Hospital, while another tourist survived the attack on Saturday evening, according to the Kenya Wildlife Service said on Sunday.

“We are trackin,上海夜生活桑拿会所Hanzel,g the hippo,” the service said on Twitter on Sunday.

The agency identified the dead man as Chang Ming Chuang, 66, and the survivor as Wu Peng Te, 62, a爱上海nd said they were from China but Taiwan’s foreign ministry said the two were from the self-ruled island.

Kenya has no formal ties with Taiwan, recognizing only China and its claim to speak for and represent the island internationally.

The Taiwan ministry said it had sent someone from its representative office in South Africa, as Taiwan has no representation in Kenya.

China’s official Xinhua news agency cited the Chinese embassy in Nairobi as saying it had sent diplomats to the scene.

“It is the unshakable duty of the Chinese government to provide consular pr,上海夜生活论坛Kai,otection services to Taiwanese compatriots,” Xinhua quoted an embassy spokesman as saying.

Kenya’s the Star newspaper quoted the head of a boat owners’ association in Navaisha as saying higher-than-normal water levels were causing hippos to wander from the lake on to nearby farms and hotel properties searching for pasture.

Naivasha is a city on the lake 90 km northwest of the capital, Nairobi.

After a severe drought last year, Kenya had several months of heavy rain this year that caused serious flooding, including around Lake Naivasha.

Tourism is one of the country’s main sources of foreign exchange and nearly 1.5 million tourists visited Kenya last year, according to the tourism ministry.