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Brazil agriculture minister wants to open indigenous land to…

BRASILIA ( ) – Brazil ,上海夜生活去哪玩Mabel,should open indigenous land to commercial farming, Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina Dias said on Friday, while also seeking to soften many of President Jair Bolsonaro’s controversial stances on native people and the environment.

Farmers form a key base of support for right-wing firebrand Bolsonaro who since taking office Ja上海夜生活n. 1 has placed pro-agribusiness policies at the center of his agenda. Activists warn his government’s positions would strip away protections for the environment, the Amazon rainforest and indigenous peoples.

Reservation land covering roughly 12 percent of Brazil’s territory is currently off limits for commercial farming.

“They could plant there … and maybe have income for their community,” Dias told reporters. “They cannot do this today. That needs to be changed in Congress.”

Reservations should still be required to preserve a minimum percentage of native vegetation, as all farmers currently are, she said.

Bolsonaro has given control over indigenous land designations to the Agriculture Ministry, aft,上海夜网后花园Fabiana,er arguing on the campaign trail that no new indigenous reservations should be created. But Dias struck a more moderate tone, saying Bolsonaro did not favor new reservations in areas that have long been settled by farmers.

“Small farmers that have been there 50 years and have deeds issued by the state or federal government, if you kick them out, there aren’t conditions there for indigenous people to hunt and fish and have their lives,” she said in a press briefing.

“When the president says he doesn’t want more demarcations, he’s talking about this type of contested areas.”

But the Amazon deserves completely different treatment, and tribes with little contact with the outside world should be protected, she said, a position that is shared by Brazil’s new rights minister who will be responsible for indigenous affairs.

Bolsonaro has suggested Brazil may exit the Paris Agreement on climate change and appointed a foreign minister who calls global warming a leftist fabrication. But Dias said she is fine with staying in the accord, as the country is on track to meet its climate change goals.

As for a campaign promise to end the “industry” of environmental fines, Dias told ,上海夜玩网论坛Sabrina, prior to the briefing that Brazil must end “indiscriminate” fines levied by multiple agencies without working with the farmers to resolve misunderstandings.

In campaign trail debut with Clinton, Warren says Trump driven by…

CINCINNATI ( ) – Liberal Elizabeth Warren attacked Republican Donald Trump on Monday during her first campaign appearance with U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, calling him an “insecure money gr,上海夜生活去哪玩Kade,ubber” who is driven by greed and hate.

Warren, a leader of the Democratic Party’s progressive wing and a potential vice presidential pick, said Clinton had spent her career fighting for liberal values while Trump, a wealthy real estate developer, was focused on boosting his bottom line.

The U.S. senator from Massachusetts appeared with Clinton before a raucous, enthusiastic crowd in Cincinnati, Ohio, targeting a battleground state in a potential preview of a Clinton-Warren campaign team. She repeatedly accused Trump of looking out for himself instead of for average Americans.

“When Donald Trump says he’ll make America great, he means make it even greater for rich guys just like Donald Trump,” Warren said, standing shoulder to shoulder with a cheering Clinton.

Clinton has struggled to win over some liberal backers of rival Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist U.S. senator from Vermont, since beating him for the Democratic nomination this month. She hopes the support of Warren can help her in that effort as she campaigns against Trump for the Nov. 8 election.

Warren, who has vigorously attacked Trump in recent weeks, called him “a small, insecure money grubber who fights for no one but himself” and warned: “He will crush you into the dirt to get whatever he wants. That’s who he is.”

The capacity crowd repeatedly roared its approval, and a line of supporters who could not get inside stretched out the door and down the street. At one point, Warren stopped her speech to turn and applaud Clinton, a former secretary of state.

“She knows what it takes to beat a thin-skinned bully who is driven by greed and hate,” said Warren, known for calling for reining in Wall Street and eradicating income inequality.


In a statement, Trump called Warren “a sellout” for backing Clinton, who has taken donations from Wall Street interests and once backed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Asian trade deal. Clinton has since reversed her trade stance.

In an interview with NBC News, Trump called Warren “a fraud” and “a racist,” accusing her of making up claims about her Native American heritage to adva,上海夜哪里艳遇Barrett,nce her career.

He again called Warren “Pocahontas,” the name of a 17th-century Native American figure, to draw attention to a controversy first raised during Warren’s 2012 Senate race in Massachusetts.

“She is one of the least productive senators in the United States Senate,” Trump told NBC. “We call her Pocahontas for a reason.”

Two other potential Clinton vice presidential picks – U.S. senators Tim Kaine of Virginia and Sherrod Brown of Ohio – rejected Trump’s assertion and defended Warren’s record.

“That’s what he does, he attacks people. He acts like he’s attacking their character – he’s attacking his own character when he does that,” Brown told .

“You can’t believe anything Donald Trump says. Period,” Kaine told .


Taking the microphone in Ohio, Clinton said she liked Warren’s aggressive approach to her Republican rival, who has sprayed rivals and critics with insults th上海夜生活roughout his campaign.

“I just love how she gets under Donald Trump’s skin,” Clinton said.

Clinton’s decision to campaign ,上海夜生活Caitlin,with Warren for the first time in Cincinnati, a city on Ohio’s southwestern border with Kentucky and Indiana, underscored the swing state’s vital role in the November showdown with Trump.

Ohio has backed every successful presidential nominee since 1964 and no Republican has won the White House without carrying the state.

Warren’s calls to rein in corporate excess could resonate with two groups Clinton must court in the election – Sanders supporters and those anxious about the economy who are drawn to Trump’s promise to toss out international trade deals.

Ohio’s manufacturing base has taken a hit in recent economic slowdowns, and Trump has identified it as a state where his anti-free trade rhetoric could resonate with alienated blue-collar voters.

Since becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee, Clinton has repeatedly tried to portray businessman Trump as fundamentally unfit for the presidency. Clinton said Warren’s long history of fighting for progressive economic values made her a perfect messenger for that critique.

Efforts to find Spanish toddler hit snag, tunnel to be widened

TOTALAN, Spain ( ) – Efforts to reach a two-year-old boy who fell into a borehole in southern Spain on Jan. 13 hit a major snag on Tuesday when engineers said they would have to widen a parallel shaft before they could dig a horizontal passage to reach the toddler. ,上海夜网邀请码Idaleen,

Miners had been drilling day and night to create the shaft 60 meters (197 ft) deep, which they finished on Monday and started lining with thick metal pipes. Their hope was to be able to cut across ,上海夜玩网论坛Gabe,by Tuesday to find the toddler, Julen.

“Technical difficulties have cropped up with the casing of the well after the depth of 40 meters,” said a spokeswoman for the regional government at the site, addi,上海021夜网Barbara,ng that the thick metal pipes will be removed and drilling resumed.

“It is impossible to estimate how long it will take. The operation has already begun,” she said.

Julen fell down the borehole shaft as his family walked through a private estate in Totalan, Malaga.

There have been no signs of life since.

Rescuers found that the borehole – 100 meters (300 feet) deep and just 25 cm (10 inches) wide – was blocked with earth, raising fears that soil had collapsed onto the child.

Engineers have said that digging the horizontal passage would be the most dangerous part of the effort. Spanish miners and engineers have been joined by workers from a Swedish firm who helped locate 33 Chilean miners rescued after 69 days underground more than seven years ago.

Children and families have been holding candlelight vigils across Spain in support of the missing boy.

El Pais reported that his parents上海夜生活 suffered another tragedy in 2017 when their three-year-old son died suddenly after suffering a cardiac arrest while walking along a beach.

White House hopeful Trump nears end of vice presidential search

WASHINGTON ( ) – Republican Donald Trump neared the end of his vice presidential search on Thursday and appeared to be leaning toward Indiana Governor Mike Pence, a conservative with the potential to unify divided Republicans.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee tweeted on Wednesday night that he would announce his choice on Friday at 11 a.m. (1500 GMT) in Manhattan.

The New York businessman is to be formally nominated as the party’s candidate for the Nov. 8 election,上海夜生活乌托邦Jackson, at the Republican National Convention next week in Cleveland. Traditionally, the vi,上海夜生活去哪玩Radley,ce presidential choice is used to build enthusiasm among party loyalists.

Trump’s choice of running mate is seen as critical because his defeat of 16 rivals in the Republican primary race left the party divided and some party leaders are still uneasy about some of his campaign positions, and his style.

Sources familiar with campaign operations cautioned that while Pence and former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich were finalists, Trump could always have a last-minute change of heart and choose someone else from his short list.

A source close to the campaign said Trump appeared to be leaning toward Pence but could easily change his mind.

Gingrich told an ABC News correspondent he expected to hear Trump’s decision after 1 p.m. EDT and would not be surprised if Trump chooses Pence.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, 53, a former rival to Trump in the presidential race, is also high on the list of potential running mates and provides the kind of counterpunch to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton that Republicans like.

Pence, 57, a former congressman, is seen as a safe choice, not too flashy but popular among conservatives, with Midwestern appeal and the ability to rally more party faithful behind Trump.

Gingrich上海夜网, 73, is a close adviser to Trump with a wealth of ideas and deep experience in the legislative process from his time as speaker of the House of Representatives in the 1990s.

In what has been an unusually public process, Trum,上海夜生活网419Macey,p, 70, sat down with both Pence and Gingrich separately in Indianapolis on Wednesday.

He also met with a fourth potential No. 2, U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, 69, of Alabama, who has been one of Trump’s closest advisers.

The New York businessman had dinner with Pence on Tuesday night after they appeared together at a rally. Trump, joined by daughter Ivanka and sons Donald Jr. and Eric Trump, had breakfast with Pence and his wife, Karen, on Wednesday at the governor’s residence in Indianapolis.

Trump adviser Ed Brookover told CNN that Trump “first and foremost” wants a running mate who he has good chemistry with and someone who can help him govern best.

Why Davos is talking about the fight between two absentees

DAVOS, Switzerland ( ) – The two most powerful men in the world are not in Davos this year, but they remain impossible to escape.

In a sweeping speech at the World Economic Forum two years ago, President Xi Jinping argued that China was free trade’s greatest champion. Any attempt to stop the flow of capital, technology, goods, industries or people between economies “is simply not possible,” he said.

Then in January last year, President Donald Trump arrived at the Swiss ski village to deliver his own “simple message: There has never been a better time to hire, to build, to invest and to grow in the United States. America is open for business.”

Washington was committed to free trade, he said. But “we ca,上海高端夜生,上海夜网千花Gabi,活在那里Quaid,nnot have free and open trade if some countries exploit the system at the expense of others.”

Neither leader mentioned their superpower rival. But it was clear that in setting out their boundaries for how global trade should work, they were talking to each other.

If the last year is anything to go by, neither much listened. And the fallout from their falling out is why there’s so much talk about Xi, Trump and trade at this year’s Forum.

Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, told the audience at one session that some countries – she did not name which – were starting to pull away from the rules-based multilateral system bu,上海夜生活服务Tamara,ilt up over the past few decades. “If that is no longer the mainstream, we could be in trouble,” she said.

Kevin Sneader, Global Managing Partner at McKinsey & Company, said that trade was just “one aspect of a broader tension between the U.S. and China.”

Already, the trade war between the two biggest economies in the world has begun to crimp global growth, to reshape supply chains and corporate planning, and to hit countries from Canada to Singapore. The International Monetary Fund trimmed its growth forecasts on the eve of this year’s Davos meeting, while a survey showed increasing pessimism among business chiefs.

In the real world, the effects have been felt for months.

Take Foxconn (2354.TW), which assembles Apple (AAPL.O) iPhones in China but now says it is considering building factories in Vietnam and India to help mitigate any impact from the trade war.

Or automakers, who are busy changing where they build certain models to account for increased tariffs.

Or countries such as Australia, whose currency, winemakers and home owners are all feeling the chill of the economic battle.

People want to know “how much has the economy slowed and from a trade perspective what are these tariffs and what impact are the trade discussions really having,” said Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat in an interview with .


The U.S. delegation stayed at home this year thanks to the government shutdown. But Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke via video link. He began by describing China as belligerent toward its neighbors and “embracing totalitarianism” at home, but went on to say that Washington’s issues with Beijing could be resolved if China accepted the principles of fair and open trade and protection of intellectual property.

A U.S. official, speaking in Washington a few days before the Davos conference, said that Trump’s message at the event last year still applied. A lot of progress had been made, he said, citing the trade agreement with Canada and Mexico as one example.

The imposition of tariffs on China had got Beijing talking, he argued, a major development since last year’s Davos.

In China, views are divided.

Tu Xinquan, a trade expert at Beijing’s University of International Business and Economics, said the trade war may ultimately push China to open up further – even if this would not be easy.

When Xi spoke at Davos two years ago, he “was paying more attention to politics.” The trade war could force China to focus on economics, he said.

However, a 上海夜生活senior analyst at a major Chinese state-owned company told that Xi could never back down when confronted with U.S. demands for reform. Such a move would be more politically dangerous than navigating an economic downturn, the analyst said.

“If the Chinese government kneels down to the American president, it will give rise to intense dissatisfaction from the people, and it would be a major political loss within the government.”